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Information about shooting in Israel

Booking and Deposit/Prepayment

For booking the selected date agreed with me, you need to make a deposit. There are ways to do it:

1) Cash
2) Transfer to an Israeli card (including through the Bit application)
3) Via PayPal (+ 5%)

The amount of deposit depends on the chosen option:
The deposit for Light package is NIS 150.
Standard package is 300 NIS.
Wedding packages - 30-40% of the cost.

The transfer fee is added to the deposit in all cases.
Deposit is not refundable. Changing the date is possible in some cases, but it is discuss individually.
After making a deposit, I am ready to discuss with you the details of the route, offer locations and give tips about clothes and accessories that will suit the look.

Transfer information

If you are planning a photo shoot in Tel Aviv, we usually don't need a transfer fee, even on Shabbat.
When shooting takes place outside of Tel Aviv, the transfer cost is calculated based on the amount of hours spent on the road.

Here is the price of transfer to some cities:
Bat Yam, Rishon Lezion, Petah Tikva, Holon - 100 NIS
Jerusalem, Netanya, Ashdod, Ashkelon - 200 NIS
Haifa, Beer Sheva, Acre, Dead Sea - 350 NIS

Important! When shooting takes place outside Gush Dan (Tel Aviv and the surrounding area), the minimum package is Standard.

Additional options

4 photos
  • Skin retouching - elimination of defects (acne, scratches, scars, bruises, smoothing wrinkles, plastic)
  • Removing unwanted objects, people, rubbish.
    Photos for detailed processing you choose by yourself.
20% from photoshoot cost
Fast post-processing
Speed-up of post-processing period to 3 days
from 350₪
Make Up/Hair
from 300₪
Important: When you order a photo shoot, you agree to the publication of photos. If you want your photos not to be published in my portfolio, please inform in advance. The cost of shooting will increase by 40%.
Raw files from the shooting I send only for an additional fee.